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Why Chania ?

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• Because of the wild nature of the Samaria Gorge, the longer European gorge.
Not only will you hike within a landscape of luxurious green and fresh water at your feet, but also, if you are lucky enough, you may come across the wild animals living there, and most of all the famous kri-kri.

•Because the old town gets you back to past times when you stroll around; in the evening, it becomes the heart of amusement and in the small beautiful bars you can find any kind of music and drink.

•Because of the Cretan hospitality which is legendary. But, watch out! Cretan people accept well the foreigner and like to offer. Don't ever refuse their offer; you will offend them.

•Because of the unique herbs, cheeses, wines and dishes like "gamopilafo" and the "Cretan (Mediterranean) diet".

•Because you may find numerous marvelous, scenic beaches, with crystal clear water and choose the one it better fits to your mood and desires.

•Because of the too many scenic routes, which may make your visit unforgettable.

•Because of the wild Cretan goat, the famous "Kri-Kri"; it is so characteristic and original, that one of the species had been offered as a gift to the president of the United States J.F. Kennedy, during the visit of the Prime Minister of Greece to Washington in 1961.

•Because of the innumerous local feasts ("panighyri") which take place all year round in even the smallest Cretan villages where the old style of life is still alive.

•Because the old port is the best place in the world to enjoy the sunset drinking your ouzo or "tsikoudia" with excellent and genius "mezedes".

•Because of the full facilities of lodging, eating and amusement which is offered to the visitors who choose to stay in this part of Crete during their vacations.

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