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Agia Pelagia, Heraklion Crete

The village of Aghia Pelaghia is situated at the Northern coast of Crete, 24 kilometres far from Heraklion at the Southwest. It is a famous tourist resort with marvellous sandy beaches, well protected small coves, where the sea is usually calm. Thanks to its wide tourist facilities it receives a good number of visitors; it counts approximately 550 permanent residents. According to the Greek scholars who have studied the history of the area, the actual village has been  built on the place of the ancient city of Apollonia

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Within the settlement and in the area  close to it, it is worth visiting the small church of Aghia Pelaghia (who has given the name to the village), built on a rock very close to the sea; according to the tradition it is on that point that it has been found the icon of Aghia Pelaghia, considered as wonder-working by the people.

At a distance of 15 kilometres from the village at the South and 5 kilometres at the West of the village Rodia, within a ravin with luxurious green, it is found the Savathianon Monastery; it is worth visiting the cave found in the territory of the monastery, where it is housed the small church of Aghios Antonios.

Those interested in archaeology may visit in the area the important Late Minoan tombs,at Kladistos, as well as the big rectangular construction dated in the Hellenistic period (end of  the 4th century b.C.).

It is also worth visiting the nearby village of Achlada, at a distance of 4-5 kilometres at the Southwest, for the magnificent view, for the old stone fountain of the village and for the twin church dedicated to Aghios Ioannis (St. John the Baptist)  and Aghios Tryfonas; the church has a beautiful woodcarved icon screen.
Once in the area on't miss to visit the small village of Rodia 10 kilometres far from Aghia Pelaghia at the South. Amphitheatrically built on a low hill, it offers to the visitor a breathtaking view of the Cretan Sea; at Rodia you will also see an interesting Venetian villa.

Two local feasts ("panighyri") take place in the village: one on the 17th of July in honour of Aghia Marina with many visitors both Greeks and foreign tourists, and the other on the 8th of October, on the nameday of Aghia Pelaghia, the protector saint of the village.

Accommodation is plenty and for all budgets, both in the village itself, as in the nearby tourist resorts of Mononaftis (about 1 kilometre far away, at the Northwest), Lygaria (2 kilometres at the East), Made (4 kilometres at the East) and further away at Palaeokastro. The visitor is offered any kind of accommodation: high class hotels, studios and  rooms to let. 

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A good reange of alternatives for swimming and sea sports is also available, as both the beach of the village and all the beaches around (Mononaftis, Lygaria, Made, Palaeokastro) are lovely, scenic, easily accessible and offer various facilities to the visitors.
A lot of taverns, restaurants and cafes both in the village and the beaches around offer good food and drink.

Access from Heraklion is very easy:  public bus services are very frequent, taxi is a good and more comfortable alternative and you can always use rented or private car. If you choose to get there via the old road you should drive some more (24 kilometres from Heraklion) but you will enjoy the area and have the chance of sightseeing. Whatever toute you choose, you should be careful in the last 2-3 kilometres, as the winds blowing in the area may affect driving.

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