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Why Heraklion ?

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• Because Knossos is the most important city of the earliest great civilisation on European territory.

• Because the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is one of the most important museums worldwide.

• Because it is in this area that were born the famous painter Domenico Theotocopoulos (El Greco), the writer Nikos Kazantzakis and many other great authors and artists

• Because even here, Psiloritis stands proudly, overlooking the Aegean and its islands to the North and the Libyan Sea and Africa to the South.

• Because its Venetian buildings tell the story of an epoch of high culture and prosperity.

• Because the Cretan hospitality is present even in the areas of mass tourist development.

• Because of the variety of the herbs, the best and most numerous in Europe.

• Because of the countless beaches for all tastes: big, small, noisy, quiet or cosmopolitan, all of them are fascinating.

• Because the scenic routes within the plains with vegetables, along with the impressive mountains is a combination hardly forgettable.

• Because of the numerous feasts ("panighyri") in every place, almost every day of the year, where drink, amusement and fun keep going.

• Because of the variety of accommodation facilities which make staying a comfortable and fascinating experience.

• Because Matala with its caves keep their fame since 35 years.

• Because it is Crete!

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