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Why Rethymnon ?

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• Because, if you visit the area of Preveli and the Preveli Lagoon, you will feel like being at an oasis in Africa.

• Because visiting Idaeon Andron you walk on the steps of Zeus, who was said to have been borne there. And, thanks to the long-term excavation you will go back some 5.000 years and come across the first great civilization in Europe.

• Because Psiloritis, one of the most impressive and beautiful mountains in Europe, a mountain assuring long life, is here and stands proudly as Cretan men do.

• Because of the spirit of Renaissance that is present in the old town of Rethymnon and in the Renaissance festival; and because the old town with the Venetian harbor is a living Museum of Venetian and Ottoman domination.

• Because at Rethymnon the Cretan people, apart from the famous hospitality, know how to enjoy themselves, both in private and in public activities such as the Renaissance Festival, the Carnival, the Treasure Hunt and the unique Cretan Wine Festival.

• Because of the unique herbs, cheeses, wines and dishes.

• Because you may find a lot of marvelous, scenic beaches, with crystal clear water, sandy, pebbly or rocky and choose the one it better fits you.

• Because the many scenic routes combine the wild nature with the mild human cultivation and the fascinating landscape with the evidence of human activity at the place for more than 5.000 years.

• Because of innumerous local feasts ("panighyri") which take place in the Cretan villages where the old style of life is still alive.

• Because of the full facilities of lodging, eating and amusement which is offered to the visitors who choose to stay in the Prefecture of Rethymnon during their vacations.

• Because the Monastery of Arkadi stands there as a symbol to remind to the visitors that important goods require important sacrifices.

• Because Rethymnon and more particularly Anoghia have St. Yakinthos, their own protector of lovers.

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