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Hotel & Travel Guide for your holidays in Amorgos, Greece. The site where Hoteliers and Agents in Amorgos meet their Guests!

Hotels in Amorgos by area 

Hotels & Lodgings in Amorgos island, Cyclades islands, Greece


Listings below are sorted by Area, by Type : Major accommodation types (Hotels, Hotels and Furnished Hotel Apartments, Motels/Lodges, Youth Hostels, Traditional Lodgings ) - Other accommodation types (Furnished Rooms, Furnished Apartments, Self-catering Houses-Villas, Powered Campings, Campsites) and by availability.

Prices and Offers are updated on-line, in real-time directly from the Hotels, Lodgings & Agencies presented.
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Accommodation in Aegiali

Poseidon Studios, Amorgos, Aegiali, Amorgos View property in a new window Poseidon Studios 
Category: 2 Key     Open: All year round
Amorgos is one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands still keeping the traditional natural and build surroundings. "Poseidon" studios are located in Aegiali at the north west side of the island. It is built in a traditional cycladic style and guarantees you a pleasant stay and wanderful vacations. more... View property in a new window

Accommodation in Chora

Michail Studios, Amorgos, Cyclades islands View property in a new window Michail Studios  Ελληνική έκδοση διαθέσιμη English version available View property in Google Maps
Category: A' Class     Open: March to November
You will find our rooms in Chora, the snow-white capital of the island with the windmills, the imposing castle, the numerous churches, the picturesque paved narrow steets. You will stay into a newly-built house of traditional architecture which includes studios and twin-bed rooms. more... View property in a new window

Major Accommodation types in Katapola (Hotels, Hotels and Furnished Hotel Apartments, Traditional Lodgings)

Landeris Hotel, Amorgos, Katapola Amorgos View property in a new window Landeris Hotel  View property in Google Maps
Category: 2**     Open: All year round
The Landeris Hotel is a small quaint hotel located on one of the picturesque back streets in the port town of Katapola. The hotels modest and tasteful entrance leads you into a beautifully crafted and restored reception area, which reveals the talented stone masonry, of Amorgos past and present.As a guest you pass through the beautiful entrance and you are led ... more... View property in a new window

Other Accommodation types in Katapola (FurnishedRooms, Furnished Apartments, Self-catering Houses-Villas)

Apaggio, Amorgos, Katapola Amorgos View property in a new window Apaggio 
Category: C' Class     Open: April to October
Built in 1994 with a lot of love and care, Apaggio apartments is a picture on the rocks of Amorgos island, in the Aegean sea. We created this special place to offer you wonderful vacations under the sun, to help you spend carefree moments with calmness and peace. All you have to do is enjoy the landscape and the sun. more... View property in a new window

Hotels in Lagada

Pagali Hotel, Amorgos, Langada, Amorgos View property in a new window Pagali Hotel 
Category: 2**     Open: March to October
The Pagali Amorgos Hotel is a prototype agritourism unit and is comprised of spacious, traditionally-styled hotel rooms and studios for rent in Amorgos Greece. The management of the hotel provides guests with modern facilities and organized services, making their stay on Amorgos Island absolutely unforgettable. more... View property in a new window
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