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Karavostassi(s), Folegandros Island

The settlement of Karavostassi(s) is situated some 3 kilometers southeastern to the town of Folegandros (Chora); it is the port of the island. It is a small settlement with only 50 permanent residents and tiny whitewashed traditional houses, within the small cove where are mooring small fishing and tourist boats and yachts. The port is operating since 1984; it was then that was constructed the mole for big vessels and ferries. Before this date the ships used to remain off-shore and both passengers and provisions were embarked in the small boats, the only kind of vessel that could moor in the small bay which served as the port. From the archives of the Community we are informed that the first steamship arrived at Folegandros only in 1891, whereas in previous times the few products of the island (mainly meat, dairy products and honey) and the people were transported by the two or three caiques that were sailing as far as Syros or the closer island of Ios, where the boat would arrive after a journey of 6 to 15 hours long. Even by the steamship things were not much better. The duration of the trip from Piraeus to Folegandros could be up to 36 hours, which depended on the stops the ship had to do until arriving to the island. This situation, although much better, lasted until a few years ago, when high speed ships were put on the line, as the island started to be an attractive destination for tourists. Even today, the travel by conventional ships may be up to 15 hours long.

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It is from the port of Karavostassi(s) that depart all the excursion boats, making the tour of the island or getting people to some of the beaches of Folegandros, as Katergo and Angali.

Once at Karavostassi(s) it is worth seeing the small white-washed church of Aghios Artemios with the nice old well. The church is found at the beach. Also, on your way to Chora it is worth visiting the small church of Aghioi Pantes (“All Saints”), half of which is carved in the rock.

At the entrance of Karavostassi(s) bay, as the ship enters the port, you may see the two small islets called Dyo Adelfi (“the two brothers”).

At the South, close to the beach of Livadi, there is the small islet of Aghios Ioannis (St. John) with the homonymous white-washed small church on it.

Close enough to Karavostassi(s) is situated one of the two caves of the island, the cave of Georgitsi, accessible only by boat, either private, or when the excursion boats stop there, so that the passengers can see and take photo of it.

Many alternatives for accommodation are available at Karavostassi(s), mainly in small hotels. Food is good at the sea front taverns, where you may find fresh fish and other delicacies, ouzo and cool wine.
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Swimming is possible at the sandy and pebbly beach beside the port, with the tamarisk trees to offer their shade. Or you may go to Vardia, a sandy beach just behind the port, to the North, where you may go following the staircase.

You may also go to the nearby beaches of Latinaki, Vitsenzo, Pountaki and Livadi, which are accessible either by car and motorbike or on foot (from 10 to 30 minutes walking).

And of course, you may catch one of the excursion boats and enjoy swimming at the beaches where the boat gets you.

In August, during the summer cultural events, the Nautical Association of Folegandros organizes swimming and sailing games at Karavostassi(s) and at Angali.

Being the arriving point of the island, Karavostassis has good connection with Chora. There is always a bus to bring you to Chora, no matter at what time the ship arrives to Folegandros. It is worth noticing that the first car of the island arrived from Ios in 1970, by boat. This car belonged to the family who actually owns the public buses. Another detail of the …modern history of transports at Folegandros is that the second bus running from Karavostassi(s) to Chora was a small bus of 16 seats, which is still in use, for supplementary service when the tourists are too many. This bus, and the first one, a small van of 7 seats which started to run in mid 1970’s, following the construction of the public road, show how much things have changed today at Folegandros within 30 years.
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