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Hotels & Lodgings in Elia, Mykonos island, Greece


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Accommodation in Elia

Arte and Mare Elia Suites, Mykonos, Elia View property in a new window Arte and Mare Elia Suites  Online booking available View property in Google Maps
Category:     Open: April to October
Arte & Mare Elia Suites is a (luxury) boutique hotel offering 10 distinct suites with an amazing combination of colors located at Elia Beach in Mykonos. It is a brand new establishment, first opened in 2008, and a creative collaboration of a Greek and an Italian leading architect. Its distinctive architecture is the result of an exceptional tying of the Mykonian architecture with stone washed white walls and the frugal Italian interiors with vibrant colors. more... View property in a new window
Niriides Luxury Homes View property in a new window Niriides Luxury Homes  View property in Google Maps
Category:     Open: April to October
Ten of the most beautiful sea nymphs are waiting to accommodate you at "Niriides Mykonos". On the enchanting island of winds, very close to the beautiful Elia Beach, next to Kalo Livadi, are the ten spacious and elegant rooms of the "Niriides Mykonos". The brand new facilities Luxury Homes, characterized by traditional Mykonos architecture and modern design, with views from every room separately, the light blue of the pool and the deep blue Aegean sea. more... View property in a new window
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