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Mykonos island Cyclades

Mykonos is one of the world’s most well known and written-up vacation destinations. It is among the most beautiful of the Cyclades, and the most popular. Its fine sand beaches include several of the world’s most famously risqué (Paradise), but there are also family ones (Ornos), and secluded ones (Elia).

The white town, the best preserved in the Cyclades, takes in old churches with their characteristic red domes, mansions with external stairways, museums, the Little Venice area whose wooden balconies overhang the surf, and a beckoning harbour area lined with cafes for evening strolls. The shopping is quite simply the best in Greece.

The summer nightlife – clubs, bars, cabarets, discos – is the liveliest in the Mediterranean. The many restaurants offer island dishes, fresh seafood, and haute cuisine. Daily local boats take visitors to Delos (you can’t sleep there or live there) to visit the ruins of Classical temples, houses with mosaics, the ancient theatre, and the museum with its famous lions (and much more), and you may make the acquaintance of the sacred island’s nymphs, the Deliades, of whom the poet Callimachus wrote in his "Hymn to Delos", "The child Apollo leapt forth, and the Deliades, offspring of an ancient river, sang the holy song."