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Paros Sightseeing

Nature - Natural Sightseeing
The Valley of the Butterflies
The Valley of the Butterflies is found on the road connecting Paroikia with Alyki, some 5 kilometers southern to the capital of the island, just after the Monastery of “Christos tou Dassous” (“Jesus Christ of the Woods”), along the gully. The valley is one of the most important and worth seeing biotopes not only of Paros, but of the entire Greece. more...

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The marble of Paros
One of the most important factors of the flourish of Paros in antiquity was the exploitation of the famous local marble, the “Parian Stone” as the ancient Greek authors describe it. According to archaeological evidence, the extraction of the marble started in the 7th century b.C., and continued constantly until 1881. more...

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Byzantine and Modern Monuments
The church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani
The church of Panaghia Ekatontapyliani, dedicated to Virgin Mary, is one of the most ancient monuments of the religious architecture of Byzantine times that exist in Greece. The church is situated in the town of Paros (Paroikia), close to the port. It is an imposing building seizing the eye, as soon as the visitor gets ashore. The church is commonly called “Katapoliani”, a false pronunciation of the expression “kata tin polin", meaning “by the ancient town”. more...

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Archaeological sites
The ancient quarries at Marathi
At the site of Marathi, some 5 kilometers northeastern to Paroikia, the visitor may see the ancient quarries of the “Parian stone”. Big galleries, some 200 meters long, go deep in the soil and have three entrances. At the left side of the southern entrance there is a nice Hellenistic bas-relief with interesting carving and a partly preserved inscription. The sculpture is dedicated to the Nymphs, who were worshipped here; hence, the name “Quarry of the Nymphs”. more...

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Museums and Galleries
The Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum of Paros is found in the town of Paros (Paroikia). The exhibits cover all periods of the history of the island from prehistoric times up to the Roman period and are displayed in three halls, a gallery and an atrium. The most important pieces are exhibited in the first hall, which contains the sculptures which also constitute the history of sculpture on the island. more...

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The Byzantine Museum
The Byzantine Museum is housed in the complex of buildings of Ekatontapyliani and contains numerous relics, coming from the church itself and from other churches of Paros. The collection started to build up in early 20th century when the archimandrite Georgios Skaramangas (1867-1944) was the parish priest of the church. more...

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