Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away
Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away Auto - Car Rental - Explore Santorini
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is like three islands,One side is the crater with the villages of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and oia perched so far above the sea that it may as well be a painting.

This is the commercial part of santorini,this part of the island brings in most of the money and is completely dependent on its image to attract the visitors.

AMMOUDI: A small port behind Oia city.
Found at the base of a spectacular red volcanic cliff, Ammoudi is essentially the port for the town of Oia, which is found roughly 150m above, on the volcano rim. Ammoudi is a tiny settlement and contains a only few tavernas, a variety of local fishing boats, along with a small fine-pebbled beach.
Tourist boats leave daily from Ammoudi to the island of Thirassia and the volcanic island of Nea Kameni, both of which are a must-see on the Santorini tourist route.

If you are feeling energetic you can reach Ammoudi by descending more than 300 steps from the village of Oia, although the port can also be reached by car. Its very nice place to visit and you can stay and eat fresh seafood in the small taverns there.

Some people are swimming there but its a little bit dangerous from the rocks.

Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away
OIA: The favourite destination for the artistic tourist. FIRA: The capital of Santorini island.

Located on the northern tip of the island, roughly 150m up from the sea, Oia (pronounced 'ee-a' ) is a favourite destination for the more artistic tourist who prefers a quieter alternative to Fira Town.

In the earthquake that hit Santorini in1956, parts of Oia were destroyed as they fell into the sea and the aftermath of this event is still clearly visible, although of the buildings that do remain, the most impressive are the ones that are built into the volcanic rock on the slopes of the crater wall. The narrow streets above are filled with souvenir shops and galleries of local artists, and at the end of every day tourists from all over Santorini arrive to catch a glimpse of the famous Oia sunset from the remains of the castle walls.

Located on the west of the main island at around 260m above sea level. Fira Town is very busy and popular with tourists, with local shops selling souvenirs and streets filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs for those seeking nightlife. Fira was first established in the late 18th century, when local islanders moved from Skaros (near Imerovigli 3 kms away) to gain easier access to the sea.

At the beginning of the 19th century Fira became the capital of the island replacing the previous capital of pyrgos Kallistis. With a population of about 2500, Fira's relies largely on tourism to provide an income for the local people, who try to balance the traditions of the past with the economic realities of the present.

Vazeos, Car-Moto Rental, Santorini is just a click away
IMEROVIGLI: The highest village on the island.

Situated on the rim of the caldera 300m above sea level, and it is the highest village on the island. Declared a monument by the government, it is the breathtaking views from Imerovigli that are the obvious attraction to the many foreign tourists who visit the area. It is possible to enjoy these spectacular views from the numerous accommodation facilities and restaurants that line the slopes of the caldera. Other popular attractions include the variety of local shops who sell locally made clothes and produce down the narrow back-streets.

For a historic flavour you may want to visit any of the numerous Orthodox churches at Imerovigli that are found throughout Santorini and the rest of Greece Skaros is the former capital of Santorini up until the 18th century when villagers moved to Fira Town to gain easier access to the sea.

In the 19th century Fira took over as the capital, but Skaros has remained a superb tourist attraction to anyone willing to climb down the several hundred steps and take the 15 minute walk to the monastery overlooking the caldera basin.
PYRGOS: one of the oldest villages on Santorini. KAMARI: The capital of Santorini island.

Although it was partially damaged by the earthquake in 1956, Pyrgos remains one of the largest villages on Santorini along with being one of the oldest.

Built on the slopes of the mountain Profitis Elias, 7.5.kms southeast of Fira, Pyrgos has managed to stay relatively tourist free by banning the construction of hotels.

It also boasts a Medieval Castle, a church, and a panoramic view over the whole island.

On the Cyclades island of Santorini can be found the black sandy coast of Kamari. 10 kms southeast of the capital Fira Town, Kamari is a very cosmopolitan area with all the nightclubs, restaurants, mini-markets, cinema and anything else you might expect from a resort that caters for the modern lifestyle. Though the black pebble beach here is often a very popular attraction and Kamari itself is the most developed tourist spot on the island, the resort itself remains very pleasant and unimposing, especially at night. Nearby to Kamari are the historic ruins of Ancient Thira which can be reached by foot or car, and Kamari is also home to what used to be Ancient Thira's port.

PERISSA: A cosmopolitan resort.

Situated on the east coast of Santorini, Perissa is a popular choice for foreigners who initially travel there to see the famous black volcanic ash beach. 15 kms southeast of Fira Town, Perissa is a cosmopolitan resort that should offer something for everyone as besides the volcanic beach there is also the headland of Mesa Vouno, on which stand the historic ruins of Ancient Thira.

Along the beachfront there are lined endless bars and restaurants who cater for the tourists long into the night, and if you can face it, join the few wh Located on the south-east coast of Santorini,

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AKROTIRI: With the famous ruins. PERIVOLOS: For travellers who seek a quieter beach.

The ruins of Akrotiri, are believed to be evidence that the civilization that previously populated the island may have been that of Atlantis. First discovered by the French archaeologist Professor Spyridon Marinatos after an eruption in 1866, the rest of the city was later unearthed after being preserved for years by volcanic ash. Many of the beautiful frescoes and artefacts that were excavated at Akrotiri have been re-located to various museums around Greece, such as the Archaeological Museums found in Fira Town and in Athens on the mainland. The houses date back as far as the late 16th century BC and can be as tall as three stories high. Many of the staircases are intact and clearly visible, and there is evidence of a drainage system, the remains of a mill, a pottery, and storage rooms.

Perivolos is generally the choice for travellers who seek a quieter beach.

Located 15 kms southeast of Fira Town, Perivolos has small taverns and rooms to let just off the beach and a variety of sports facilities are also available.

Perivolos Beach is basically a continuation of Perissa Beach and at the south end of the beach, away from the hotels , nude bathing can be a regular occurance, along with the other popular pastime of snorkelling, stay awake to see the sunriseout of the sea.

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