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External view Light - An Artists Dream: Write if you can on your last shell the day, the name and the place, throw it in the deep blue sea and let it drown...
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View from the veranda | Click to enlarge Aegean Skies - Starry night skies and sun-washed days. Hide away on your private terrace. Revel in the islands peace and exquisite light. Whispered Promises on Wind and Clouds - Suffused with sunlight: Each suite is your personal retreat from which to experience one the worlds hidden treasures. Relax in luxury and comfort. View from a luxurious bedroom | Click to enlarge
Bask in the hospitality and professional care of our staff, ready to cater to your most fanciful whims, as well as your daily needs. All Amenities: Television, Mobile Telephone, Safe Deposit Boxes, Air-conditioning, Laundry Services, Transfer Services External view | Click to enlarge Studio view | Click to enlarge