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The Archaeological Museum of Syros

The Archaeological Museum of Syros, established in 1835, is the older Museum of Greece. Since 1899 it is housed in the Town Hall of Hermoupolis, a building situated at the wonderful Miaoulis’ square at the center of the town. The building was designed by the famous German architect Ernst Ziller.

The first exhibits displayed in the Museum came from an important collection of finds, mainly inscriptions, made up by the eminent schoolman Ioannis Kokonis as early as in 1834. This collection was temporarily housed in the excellent building of the Gymnasium of Syros; later on, in 1888, the collection was moved in a municipal building at Nissaki and, after the construction of the new Town Hall, was moved there. Ever since, the Museum is being enriched with new collections and separate finds. One of the most important and interesting collections of the museum is the prehistoric collection whose finds come from the fortified settlement of Kastri and the cemetery of Chalandriani and are dated in the Early Bronze Period (Early Cycladic 3rd millennium b. C.). The archaic and classic collections come from the ancient city of Syros and from other cities of Cyclades. Finally, there are several exhibits dated in the Hellenistic and Roman times, mainly sculptures, inscriptions and tomb stones.

Once in the Museum don’t miss to pay attention to the “depas amphkypellon”, a tube-like cup 14-15 cm. high, with two handles, dated in late 3rd millennium b.C. The cup comes from the settlement of Kastri and seems to be an elaborate imitation of a similar original, common in the area of Northeastern Aegean in this period of time. Don’t forget to notice the pyxis, a spherical vessel, 7 cm high, with two excellent vertical handles, wonderful decoration and a round flat cap. The vessel had been found at the cemetery of Chalandriani and is dated in mid- 3rd millennium b.C. From the same place and the same period come also the marble statuette of a woman, 35 cm. high and a clay pan-shaped vessel.

The ancient city of Syros is represented by a headless statue of Poseidon (the torso preserved is 40 cm. high); you will also see a statuette from Egypt, made of black granite and dated in the 8th century.
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