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Why Syros ?

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…because Ano Syros cordially welcomes us as we reach the port of Hermoupolis and reminds to us that this place is not a place only to enjoy the sand and sea and have fun; it is also a place with a very long history which is worth discovering.

…because if you stroll about Hermoupolis and Ano Syros, you will discover that walking and strolling about may be equally interesting and relaxing to swimming and sunbathing.

…because it is the home of the ancient philosopher Ferekydes who lived in a wonderful cave and became the teacher of the famous Pythagoras and of other thinkers and ordinary people.

…because the atmosphere of Hermoupolis gets us back in the past, in the times of flourishing of industry and of economic life.

…because this place with the long history has received a lot of refugees, has offered them a new home and have stimulated them to develop together with the locals.

…because all its beaches, some of them organized, others not, are ideal for safe swimming, peaceful sunbathing and water and sand games and sports.

…because it offers good facilities to the tourists without spoiling the landscape and the history of the island and turn a few days of holidays in a pleasant lesson of history and enjoyment of the natural and human environment.

…because in the numerous scenic taverns and restaurants of the town, of the beaches and of the villages you will taste gorgeous dishes of the local cooking, many of them prepared with tasty local products.

…because it is the island of the famous popular composer and singer Marcos Vamvakaris and we can feel how he felt if we visit his “own” tavern at Ano Syros.

…because the Square of the Town Hall, an excellent sample of the work of Ziller, is the only square of a town preserved exactly as it was when it was realized, in late 19th century.

…because “Apollon” is a unique sample of the Italian theater architecture in Greece and travels us in the wonderful Italian theaters of the 17th and 18th centuries.

…because the quarter of Vaporia shows us how high the level of life was in Hermoupolis during the 19th century.

…because the Syros delight (“loukoumi”) is almost the “trade mark” of Hermoupolis and keeps on an art who started in Asia Minor and in Chios and came here to continue offering the pleasure of taste.

...because the Industrial Museum offers a unique representation of industrial life in Greece.

…because the Greek Catholics, with the permission of the Pope, celebrate Easter on the same day with their Orthodox fellows, thus giving an important lesson of tolerance and of how people of different rites can live and celebrate their great feasts together.
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