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Karpathos Villages

Villages located at the South East part of Karpathos island
(Following the root from Pigadia to South)
Karpathos or Pigadia
The town of Karpathos, better known as Pigadia (meaning “wells” in Greek) is the capital and the bigger port of the island. The town is situated at the southeastern coast of the island at the foot of the mountain Kali Limni (“the nice lake” in Greek), built on the place of the ancient settlement of Poseidion. more about Pigadia...

Hotels in Pigadia
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Amoopi Village
Amoopi (meaning in Greek “the hole in the sand”) is a nice tourist resort, situated at a distance of 6,5 kilometers southern to Pigadia, on the mid-way to the airport. The settlement offers facilities for accommodation and eating and the homonymous beach is one of the most beautiful and best organized beaches of the island. more about Amoopi...

Hotels in Amoopi
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Menetes Village
Menetes, a scenic village of the inland, built on a hillside, is situated at a distance of some 8 kilometers southwestern to Pigadia. Old mansions and restored buildings of neoclassic style remind the old glory and flourish of the village. more about Menetes...

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Villages located at the North East part of Karpathos island
(Following the root from Pigadia to the North)
Othos Village
more about Othos...

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Aperi Village
Aperi is a lovely mountainous village situated 8 kilometers northwestern to the capital of the island. The most characteristic feature of the village is the old mansions and the scenic landscape of luxuriant green. more about Aperi...

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Volada Village
more about Volada...

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Spoa Village
Spoa is a scenic old village, situated at the center of the island, 38 kilometers far away from Pigadia at the Northwest and 4 kilometers eastern to Messochori. The traditional architecture of the village, well preserved up to now, is a pole of attraction for many visitors. more about Spoa...

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Diafani Village
Diafani is a small scenic fishing village with a small port, serving as the port of the old traditional village of Olympos. Accommodation facilities are few, but it is an ideal place for calm holidays within an excellent environment. A few taverns at the sea front offer tasty local dishes, fresh fish and hospitality. more about Diafani...

Hotels in Diafani
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Villages located at the West part of Karpathos island
(Following the root from Sout to North)
Arkasa Village
Arkasa is a nice coastal village at a distance of 16 far from Pigadia. Accommodation and food and drink facilities are available in the village, along with a lot of sightseeing. more about Arkasa...

Hotels in Arkasa
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Finiki Village
It is a scenic and cute coastal settlement with a small port, suitable for mooring of small fishing and tourist boats. It is situated one kilometer northern to Arkassa and 17 kilometers southwestern to Pigadia. more about Finiki...

Hotels in Finiki
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Pyles Village
more about Pyles...

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Lefkos Village
The small scenic coastal village of Lefkos (“white” in Greek) is situated close to Messochori, at a distance of some 34 kilometers far from the capital Pigadia. A few accommodation facilities are available in the village, where you will enjoy a quiet staying within an overgrown environment, full of flowers. more about Lefkos...

Hotels in Lefkos
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Mesochori Village
Mesochori is a scenic village built on a height, 31 kilometers northwestern to Pigadia, with breathtaking view and a traditional architecture, which make it a pole of attraction for many visitors. more about Mesochori...

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Olympos Village
Olympos is an impressive traditional village situated at the northern part of the island, at a distance of some 58 kilometers far from Pigadia. The village combines an excellent natural environment with a very interesting traditional architectural style. more about Olympos...

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