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Ancient Agora of Kos

The area of the archaeological site of ancient agora is successive to the port of Kos and is situated at the eastern end of the island.

After the ancient city of Kos had been established as the administrative center in 366 b.C., several public buildings and sanctuaries were constructed at the area both of the Agora and of the ancient port.

Both sites had been excavated by Italian archaeologists, after the strong earthquake of 1933, during which a considerable part of the old town collapsed. The excavated area covers the part of the ancient agora which was situated within the medieval fortification. The excavations started in 1935 and lasted until 1942. Along with the excavations, there were made several restoration works in some of the monuments of the agora and of the port. After the end of the World War to and the incorporation of Kos to the Greek State, the Greek Archaeological Service carried out a series of rescue excavations. The result of all this work, both of the Italians and of the Greeks, was to bring to light the administrative center of ancient Kos, a series of nice public buildings, sanctuaries and a part of the rest of the city.

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The construction of the Agora is dated to the late 4th century b.C. The most important building is the one with arcades at three sides (north, west and east) that form an atrium. The northern part of the Agora was linked with the walls of the city, whereas the arcades at the lateral sides probably housed various stores and commercial activities. As presumed by the excavation of the Greek Archaeological Service at the southern part, the total length of the building was longer than 300 meters. Eastern to the Agora, excavations have brought to light part of the town planning, which followed the Hippodamean system, with broad streets (4-6 meters wide), and four blocks of the town with houses and stores.

There were also found a lot of portable finds, which are now found at the Archaeological Museum of Kos.

The site has access in any time of the day and you can reach it on foot, via the foot-way at the new port.

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