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Archangelos, Rhodes Island

The small town of Archangelos is situated at a distance of 28 kilometers far from the town of Rhodes, at the South. It is an inland town, found some 2 kilometers far from the sea, on a small plateau among mountains and hills. It counts some 5.500 permanent residents. The old town is located at the foot of the old castle, with the modern part to surround the old one.

Several alternatives for accommodation and food are available in the settlement and in the area around.

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You will enjoy swimming at the near by beach of Stegna (1-2 kilometers eastern to the town), as well as to the neighboring beaches of Tsambika (3 kilometers far away to the Northeast) and Haraki (some 7 kilometers to the South).

The most important sightseeing of the area, the medieval castle, dominates the place. I was built in 1320 by the Knights of the Order of St. John, on the ruins of the older Byzantine castle, parts of which had been incorporated to the construction. It is worth seeing the Holy Church of the Archangel Michael, to which is owed the name of the town. The church has a nice yard with a pebble-paved floor with characteristic decoration.

You may also visit the local Folk Museum, where it is represented the everyday life of the past; in the museum are displayed local costumes, tools and utensils, along with nice hand-made embroidery and hand woven textiles and clothes. The museum has also a small collection of archaeological finds.

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In the area around Archangelos it is worth visiting the Monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary (Nea Moni tis Panaghias). The Monastery is situated at Tsambika, at a distance of 4 kilometers far from the town of Archangelos. The name “Tsambika” is owed to the homonymous family of the place, connected in some way with the Monastery. According to the local tradition, Virgin Mary of this Monastery protects the childless women who dedicate to her small human figurines made of wax and they believe that she is also wonder-working. The floor of the church and the yard of the Monastery are nicely paved with pebbles, whereas the ceiling of the church is decorated with arches and hagiographies.

The Monastery is found within a fascinating natural environment, full of pine trees and other perennial trees. A huge holm – oak, planted in the yard of the Monastery offers its rich shadow to the visitors, protecting them from the hot, burning sun.

In older times the Monastery was established in another place, high on the mountain, above the homonymous beach; the ruins of this old monastery are still visible.

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At a distance of some 3 kilometers northwestern to Archangelos, on the top of Koumelos hill, it is situated the homonymous cave, very important, both in speleological and in archaeological aspects. Excavations in the cave, carried out recently, have brought to light several finds dated in the Late Neolithic and in the Mycenaean periods, an evidence of the antiquity of the settlement.

Finally, some 7 kilometers southern to the town, you may see the ruins of the medieval caste of Faraklou, dominating the scenic village of Haraki, situated by the sea in front of a nice beach within a small cove.

Numerous cultural events and activities take place in Archangelos all year round. The peak of the events in winter is the Carnival, taking place in late February or early March.

In summer, a series of cultural activities, comprising dance, photograph, music and others, take place during the second fortnight of August.

The residents of the area celebrate several religious feast with “panighyri” (local feasts), which attract many people from the villages and towns of the island, as well as tourists. The most important local feasts are that of Archangelos Michael, celebrated on the name day of the saint on the 8 th of November, the name day of Aghia Marina on the 17 th of July, on the 8 th of September at the Monastery of Panaghia Tsambika (celebration of the Birthday of Virgin Mary) and on the 23 rd of August in honor of Panaghia Alemonitra (Virgin the Beneficent).

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There are several stores for souvenirs; apart from the usual post cards and other tourist souvenirs, you may also find nice handmade rugs and embroidery decorated with traditional local motifs.

Health services (a local Medical Center and pharmacies) are available in the town. You will also find Telecommunication and Post services and a Police station.

Access to Archangelos is possible by public buses, running regularly, by taxi and by rented or private car and motorbikes.

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