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The Hotel of the Roses (“Hotel des Roses”)

The Hotel of the Roses (“Hotel des Roses”), constructed during the period of the Italian domination within the town of Rhodes, is an impressive building with several interesting architectural features and of great architectural value. On first sight, it looks huge, but its volume is broken up into smaller units, somehow irregular, which makes the whole construction lighter and more interesting. Designed in a simple form, it has a nice façade with an arcade and a beautiful garden. All these features make it one of the most characteristic places of the town of Rhodes.

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The building underwent two architectural phases. When constructed, in early 1920s’, the Italian architect Michele Petracco who designed it, followed the style of Oriental Eclecticism, incorporating in the building several features of the oriental cultures that had influenced the culture of the island of Rhodes. Thus, the building was full of arcs, domes and other architectural elements, common in the oriental style buildings. Later on, during the period of fascism in Italy, at the mid 1930s’, the ideas of fascism were also adopted in Architecture, introducing the so-called “fascist style”. Thus, the building underwent several changes in order to be consistent with the new style. It was then that the oriental features were removed or diminished and the building took its actual form. After the end of the Italian domination, the building had been abandoned for many years, but today it has been renovated and houses the Casino of Rhodes, while it also operates again as a Hotel.

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