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Villa Ionio Studios Apartments
Ammoudia is situated 45 km from Preveza and 20 km from Parga.
A place which possesses all the benefits of a tourist resort since it isn't only it's beautiful clean sandy coast which will impress you but also the numerous opportunities which the visitor has for alternative trips insland, walks along the narrows of the river, boat trips, escursions and water sports, since you find yourself at the mouth of the Acheron river, the Mythical river which together with the wetlands of the estuary and the narrows which it from a substantial ecosystem characterized as an area of particular natural beauty.
The river is navigable from its estuary to the middle of the river at Necromandio (Oracle of the dead) a unique Oracle from ancient times where visitors could communicate with their dead relatives.
The daily excursions to Parga, Preveza, Paxos e.t.c. provide the opportunity for an interesting and fascinating stay.
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