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Hotel & Travel Guide for your holidays in Thesprotia, Greece. The site where Hoteliers and Agents in Thesprotia meet their Guests!

Hotels in Thesprotia by area 

Hotels & Lodgings in Perdika, Thesprotia, Greece


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Hotels in Perdika

Regina Mare Hotel Club, Thesprotia, Perdika, Thesprotia View property in a new window Regina Mare Hotel Club  View property in Google Maps
Category: 4****     Open: April to October
Regina Mare Hotel Club is located on the seaside of Epirus, in Perdika Thesprotias, between Parga and Sivota opposite to Paxos and Corfu. It has 120 rooms that meet everyone's requirements and all of them with a sea view. A restaurant with a panoramic view of the Ionian Sea from Paxos to Corfu and a tavern overlooking the sea. A teleferic is connecting the hotel to the beach. Alternatively you can use the steps. more... View property in a new window
Agia Paraskevi Hotel, Thesprotia, Perdika, Thesprotia View property in a new window Agia Paraskevi Hotel  View property in Google Maps
Category: 3***     Open: April to October
The Agia Paraskevi complex is situated on the beautiful beach of Agia Paraskevi that lies on the scenic route between Syvota and Perdika. It is quiet, offers an amphitheatrical view of the island and the beach at Agia Paraskevi (100 m.) while overlooking the lacy vegetation filled beaches that disappear into the blue Ionian Sea. The Agia Paraskevi hotel complex runs since 1995 and is constantly expanded. "Agia Paraskevi" is 2 km away from more... View property in a new window
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