The Atmosphere of Corfu island
Pontikonisi in the dawn
Corfu is one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful tourist resorts. Everyone knows the view of its Pontikonisi (Mouse island) which is propably one of the most famous in Greece. It's history, together with the natural beauties of the island have for many years given it the reputation of an ideal spot for holidays.

Shopping in townBars, discos, restaurants, souvenir shops, the casino, crowds of people on the streets day and night, idyllic bays with sand beaches- that is Corfu in the summer.
A further charm is the human presence: carefree children playing around, housewives at their high windows and a smiling Corfiot in every step.
Horse drawn carriages, sea-sports & casino

Visitors are fortunate who happen to be on Corfu for Easter. The second of the resurrection bells is accompanied by a rather more unusual noise: the breaking of jugs and other pieces of earthenware pottery which the Corfiots throw down from their balconies.
This custom is associated, traditionally, with the joy of Our Lady and Mary Magdalene when they first discovered that the tomb of the resurrected Christ was empty.
Easter at Corfu

Folk dancers Music is a special tradition among the Corfiots. Folk music is most often heard at the popular fairs held in the open air. The instruments most favoured are the violin and the guitar and the songs are in the local dialect. The island also has a strong tradition in dance. The dances of Corfu are delightful and expressive, with lively steps, an optimistic rhythm and graceful bending of the waist.
They are danced by men and women of all ages in their attractive local costumes, in charming combinations of couples.

Corfu, the island of politeness and traditional hospitality is a guarantee of a pleasant and restful holiday. A living empress…

Photos and text taken
from "Corfu - Today and yesterday"
(Toubis Editions)
Toubis Editions