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Symi - Yialos with its harbor and Ano Symi

The small islands around Rhodes make for a pleasant change from the cosmopolitan life on the island. There where the main source of income is still from the sea, the simple and carefree way of life has changed little over the last few decades. The nearest Alimia, the peaceful Chalki, the Symi with the unique architectural style and Tilos wait for your visit. Map of the small islands around Rhodes
If you decide to explore them all you have to do is go to the harbor and take one of the caiques or other boats which depart from there regularly.

Chalki lies to the west of Rhodes 35 nautical miles from the harbor, but only 10 n.m. from Skala Kameiros. It is one of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese : 28 sq. km with a coastline of 34 km. Map of Chalki island
Chalki is beautiful and primitive with pristine sand beaches, crystal-clear water and few people. Nimborio, the capital of the island on its east coast, it is built on the slopes of the surrounding hills. Down at he harbor is the noteworthy church of St. Nikolas with its magnificent bell-tower and nearby the sand beach of Pondamos. A cement road takes you to Palio Chorio, the old capital of the island, 2.5 km away, with its vanetian castle. Don't miss a visit to the monastery of St. John and a swim at the beach of Alimia islet.

Map of Symi island Symi lies northwest of Rhodes 21 nautical miles away. It covers an area of 58 sq. km. and its coastline is 85 km. long. Mythology says that the god Glauchos abducted Symi, the daughter of the King of Ialyssos on Rhodes, and brought her to this island to which she was also to give her name. Symi is one of the most picturesque islands in the Dodecanese with mountains that plunge straight down to the sea and fashion captivating bays.
The quaintness, the traditional architecture, the neoclassical houses with their pediments, the pebbled courtyards, all of which are creations of the 19th century, are quite impressive.
At the beginning of 20th century Symi has 30,000 inhabitants and was the capital of the Dodecanese and at the same time the largest sponge-fishing center in the world.
During the summer caiques leave Yialos on day trips going to the island's marvelous beaches.
Symi - The ronowned Panormitis Monastery
The most important of them are Ayios Aimilianos (a very picturesque beach on an islet with a church on it, that is connected with the main island), Ayios Vasileios, Ayia Marina (a rocky little island near Yialos). Finally don't miss a visit to Ayios Georgios Disalonas. This is probably the most spectacular beach on the island because behind there is an enormous rock 300m. high. Worth of visit is also the Panormitis Monastery, located at the southern tip of the island, which is dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Its is considered as the second most important monastery in the Dodecanese.

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Tilos lies between Nisyros and Chalki; it has an area of 63 km. It has rocky soil with the exception of one small fertile valley in the approximate middle of the island, which ends at the beautiful sand beach of Erystos. You can take a ferry-boat from Rhodes to Tilos. Among the things to be seen in the small village museum are the bones of a dwarf elephant from the Charkadios Cave. 

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Map of Tilos island

Photos and text taken
from "Rhodes - the brilliant island of the sun"
(Toubis Editions)
Toubis Editions

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