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M. TOUBIS' S.A. has been in the tourist publication industry for over thirty years constantly withholding an inaugural position in Greek market. Our presence matured by our characteristic experience and expertise demonstrates our stability in this specific field. Commencing with the apprehension of the fact that tourism must not be a convenient profit-making persuit, but rather an essentially social and cultural commitment, we attempt to create a virtuous bound between the visitor and our beautiful country. To officiate this purpose, we have propelled a staff of experienced artists, writers, photographers, designers, and trained personnel who strive daily for their achievements. Our objective entails making our Greece and her splendour internationally known through our pulications and creating a paragon of publication in Greek market.
Brief Representation of the firm
Foundation year: 1965
Objective: Development, production and distribution
of high quality touristic publication, either in apperance or in contents.
Surface coverage: 4,200 sq.m.
Staff: 60 persons as permanent personnel & 30 associates
Product categories
  • Travel Guides
  • General books about Greece
  • Maps & card postal
  • Calendars & posters
  • Playing cards
  • Art effects (byzantine)
    (cards & wooden icons)
  • Cassettes and CD
  • Paper blocks & envelopes
  • Miscallaneous
    (variety eg. page-markers, etc.)
Targets expertise
Greek islands' guide
  • The sustenance of the firm's inaugural position the tourist publication market.
  • The continual quality improvement of printed material.
  • The constant increase as much in investment and production as in the development and creation of new products.
The expertise of the company
Greek cookery book
  • Originality and high quality touristic publication, either in apperance or in contents.
  • Great variety of products with deep commitment to attracting foreigners to Greece.
  • Great flexibility of production, given the fact that the firm has its disposal complete modern mechanical equipment with integral installations and expert staff from the stage of the product concept to the launching of the finished product.
  • One of the greatest archives of transparencies (slides) is at the firm's disposal containing localities from all over the Greek land.
  • Integrated organised sales network facilitating immediate response to customers' demands.
  • Large stock of finished products.