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Hotel & Travel Guide for your holidays in Kythira, Greece. The site where Hoteliers and Agents in Kythira meet their Guests!

Hotels in Kythira by area 

Hotels & Lodgings in Kythira island, Ionian islands, Greece


Listings below are sorted by Area, by Type : Major accommodation types (Hotels, Hotels and Furnished Hotel Apartments, Motels/Lodges, Youth Hostels, Traditional Lodgings ) - Other accommodation types (Furnished Rooms, Furnished Apartments, Self-catering Houses-Villas, Powered Campings, Campsites) and by availability.

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Hotels in Agia Pelagia

Venardos Hotel, Kithira Island, Agia Pelagia, Kithira View property in a new window Venardos Hotel 
Category: 3***     Open: All year round
In this beautiful and picturesque harbor of Agia Pelagia in Kythira, just a walk away from the beach, you can find the Hotel Venardos, built in the traditional architecture of the Greek islands. The ideal location of the hotel with its spectacular view of Cape Malia and Elafonisos ensure you a peaceful and relaxing stay, combined with the family oriented atmosphere will make your holidays a special and memorable experience. more... View property in a new window
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Hotels in Aroniadika

Kamares Apartments, Kithira Island, Aroniadika, Kithira View property in a new window Kamares Apartments 
Category: B' Class     Open: April to October
The Traditional Apartments Kamares was built on 1800 the era where the island was conquered from the Enetous. This house then was the first of the village and it was like the castle of the village. The house was made in order the people to be able to fight the barbarians and for this reason the upper level the windows are small so the ladies to through hot water or oil to the barbarians. more... View property in a new window

Hotels in Kapsali

Porto Delfino Hotel, Kithira Island, Kapsali, Kithira View property in a new window Porto Delfino Hotel 
Category: 3***     Open: April to October
PORTO DELFINO is located in Kapsali, the harbour of the capital of Kythera. Built in the piny grove, with a fantastic view, looking at the gulfs and the imposing Castle of Chora. In Porto Delfino Hotel Bungalows, feel pleasant moments, the quiet and romantic ambience will charm you. The areas of the hotel are: a bar, a restaurant, a satellite TV room, open air areas and gardens. Breakfast buffet, large parking area. more... View property in a new window

Hotels in Kythira Chora

Margarita Hotel, Kithira Island, Hora, Kithira View property in a new window Margarita Hotel 
Category: B' Class     Open: April to November
The hotel Margarita is a big traditional mansion with white walls and blue shutters built in 1840 by the family Stais. The building was renovated in 1990 into a hotel, without having lost its classical style.The Hotel Margarita enjoys an exceptional location, being in the heart of Chora, the main village of the island, and set back from the main road at the same time. From both our terraces you can enjoy a magnificent view of the countryside and more... View property in a new window

Accommodation in Pitsinades

Guest House Pitsinades, Kithira, Laconian Islands View property in a new window Guest House Pitsinades 
Category:     Open: June to September
The Guest house PITSINADES, created by a splendid restoration of a small group of Kytherian houses, is situated in the Medieval village Pitsinades, in the island's center. more... View property in a new window

Accommodation in Vamvakaradika

Villa Lemonia, Kithira, Ionian Islands View property in a new window Villa Lemonia  Ελληνική έκδοση διαθέσιμη English version available Versione italiana disponibile
Category: A' Class     Open: June to October
Villa Lemonia is situated at the center of Kythera island, on a prominent location at Vamvakaradika settlement. The location it stands in is characterized by outstanding view of the traditional settlement Aroniadika, also in the summer months it offers a bedazzling sunset. more... View property in a new window
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