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Why Zakynthos ?

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•Because the sea has the color of joy and the sandy beaches make a contrast with the green of the landscape and the turquoise of the sea.

•Because the sea-turtle caretta-caretta has made its nest here, within the arms and the heart of the locals who love it and care about it as for their children.

•Because the mild green of the country is found everywhere, it is fresh and relaxing and offers to the visitor some days of real holidays, of Greek holidays.

•Because it offers to the visitors high quality facilities without disturbing nature and the natural environment.

•Because of the variety of the monuments, which recall not only the glorious ancient history of the island, but also the very important medieval period of the Venetian domination.

•Because all damages and wounds of the natural disasters of the past have been totally recovered and no trace of the horrible destruction of 1953 is evident today.

•Because culture, and art are not reserved only for some gifted persons; it is the way of living for the residents of the island, a part of their everyday life.

•Because it is the birthplace of important artists and people of letters; because it is here that poets as Solomos and Calvos were born.

•Because the religious monuments, churches and monasteries are everywhere and call the people of faith for a visit and for pilgrimage.

•Because the shipwreck on the homonymous fascinating and remote beach is one of the most popular theme of photographs and the millions of photos, from amateurs and professional, make Zakynthos well known to everyone.

•Because it is an island with original and unusual flowers that send forth their sweet heady smell as night falls.

•Because it is the only island that you can find, even today, traditional taverns with waiters who may leave their work and take their guitar to play music and sing under the light of moon and stars.

•Because it is a pleasure to hearing the locals speaking in their special singsong accent and use all these inventive tender diminutives.

•Because Zakynthos is the “Fioro di Levante”, the flower of the Levant.

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