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Zakynthos Sightseeing

Nature - Natural Sightseeing
The National Marine Park of Zakynthos
The sea and the coastal area of the southern part of the island, at Laganas Bay, as well as the open sea up to the islets of Strofades constitutes the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, which was established by Law in 1999. The park also comprises several beaches as Limni Keriou, Laganas, Kalamaki, Secania, Dafni, Gerakas, as well as a part of the neighboring inland area. more...

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The Sea Turtle Caretta-caretta
The loggerhead sea turtle Caretta-caretta, the unique member of the species caretta, is one of the most well known attractions of the island. The characteristic feature of this kind of sea turtle is the big head and jaws. The adult animals reach 1,20 m. at length and may weigh more than 100 kilograms. more...

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Churches and Monasteries
The Holy Monastery of Theotokos “Anafonitria”
Situated at a distance of some 25 kilometers northwestern to the town of Zakynthos and 6 kilometers southeastern to the village of Volimes, the monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary and has been established in mid-15 th century, during the early period of the Venetian domination of the island. more...

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Venetian and Ottoman Monuments
The Venetian Castle
Situated at the top of an overgrown hill, at Bohali, some 3 kilometers northern to the town of Zakynthos, the Venetian fortress was built on the ruins of Psofida, the ancient acropolis of the island. The imposing fortification, that stands up to now, almost intact from time, earthquakes and other damages, was completed by the Venetians in 1646, as they had suffered extensive damages from previous earthquakes. more...

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Museums and Galleries
The Museum of Post-Byzantine Art
Situated at the very center of the town of Zakynthos, at Solomos Square, the Museum of Post-Byzantine Art is housed in a nice two-storeyed neoclassic-style building, which was constructed after the destructive earthquake of 1953. The Museum contains a collection of excellent Byzantine icons, dated from the Byzantine times up to the 19 th century. more...

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Museum of Dionysios Solomos and of illustrious Zantiotes
The Museum of Dionyssios Solomos is situated at the central square of Aghios Marcos. It is open every day from 9.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. The Museum was established in 1959 in a newly restored building and it opened to public in 1966, under the supervision of a private association of locals. more...

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Gregorios Xenopoulos’ Museum
Gregorios Xenopoulos one of the most well known Greek authors of the early 20 th century was of Zantiote origin. The house he spent his childhood in Zante became a museum in 1998. It is a nice two-storeyed building, in Gaita Street, at the quarter of Faneromeni. more...

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