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Hotels in Florina by area 

Hotels & Lodgings in Florina, Macedonia, Greece


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Hotels in Agios Germanos (Prespes)

Agios Germanos Hotel, Florina, Agios Germanos Prespon, Florina View property in a new window Agios Germanos Hotel 
Category: A' Class     Open: All year round
In the town square, across from the old Byzantine church, the traditional hotel “Agios Germanos” is located. It has 10 rooms, in which 27 or more people can be accommodated, in cooperation with a nearby guesthouse. Our rooms are located in two adjoining renovated buildings, which have been preserved – remarkable examples of local architecture. All feature a private bath, central heating with individual heat more... View property in a new window

Hotels in Lemos (Prespes)

Ariadni Hotel, Florina, Laimos Prespon, Florina View property in a new window Ariadni Hotel 
Category: 2**     Open: All year round
In an area where beauty is exquisite, in northwest of Macedonia, prefecture of Florina, there is the magical location of Prespes lakes. The hotel is completely synchronised with the environmental beauty and is placed in Laimos village. We created a very warm hotel in order for you to find body and soul tranquillity. You can explore the surroundings and you can live the fenomenal experience that only nature can provide. more... View property in a new window
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