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The lovely little town of Nafplio is situated in the lush Argolid prefecture, which in ancient times was once considered the very center of Greece. Unfortunately though, from about 1600 to 1100 B.C, under the rule of the Mycenaeans, it gradually declined. After that, the Dorians came along and controlled the fate of the region until the conquest of the country by the Romans. Nafplio

Highlights from Nafplio The old city with its neoclassic houses, picturesque streets, wooden balconies with cascading flowers, Turkish fountains, Constitution (Syntagma) Square with its fascinating mosques and outdoor cafe tables is like a fairy land. Here, after centuries of struggle, happiness seems to have finally settled.

The Byzantine walls in the Upper Town, Nafplio
When you're there, you may feel like immersing yourself in its history by burrowing into its past. Take time to see some of the sites, whether you're climbing up the 857 steps to the Venetian fortress of Palamidi which crowns the city or wandering round the battlements of Acronafpia. Then pop over to the Bourtzi, the fortified islet (pictured), afloat in the middle of the bay. You'll soon discover a new sight or sensation coming across your path every minute of your walk, for Nafplio is full of the joy of life.

The White Tower
While strolling you'll discover the quaint little restaurants on the waterfront, the open-air cinemas, the bars and the music that take you closer to the people, the sea and the land. In Syntagma Square you may also want to check out the Archaeological Museum with its finds from various periods and frescoes from Mycenae and Assini, housed in an imposing Venetian building, while the Folk Art Museum, on Vassilis Alexandrou street which occupies a neoclassical house is also worth a visit as well.

As you're leaving town, passing through valleys filled with vines and olive groves, you'll notice along the turquoise sea, the road leads to Nea Kios, a small coastal town built at the back of the bay of Nafplio. Tranquillity reigns in this sandy, shallow seashore, and here in the last Sunday before Lent there is a great festival with free food and wine. The main natural vegetation in the area is macchie, but with cultivation the land supports vegetables, olives, citrus, and grapes, while the coastal trees are cultivated for resin. Goats and sheep are raised, especially for milk, which is used in the production of its own particular blend of cheese. Nafplio

The White TowerTRAVEL TIPS:
Eating Out: Zorba's Taverna on Staikopoulos 30 is one of Nafplio's more popular places to eat and reasonably priced. Taverna Ellas on the corner of Platia Syntagmos and Vassilis Konstantinou has great Greek fare at good prices.

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Tourist Police Tel: 24 444

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