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Thessaloniki is undoubtedly the centre not only of northern Greece but of the entire Balkans -as it has been since the time of the birth of Christ. It is an administrative and commercial centre with its own distinctive intellectual and artistic personality, and it serves as a major cosmopolitan crossroads whose cultural influence is far-reaching. It is only 150 km from the most distant point of Chalkidiki, and there is an excellent network of main roads leading there. Thessaloniki Highlights

Highlights from Thessaloniki Thessaloniki is one of the oldest cities in Europe and it is also the second- largest city in Greece, after Athens, which is why Greeks often refer it as the country's "co-capital". The wealth of its surviving monuments from all the periods of its history has made the city a living museum of Byzantine art; as such it has been recognised by UNESCO.

Thessaloniki stands on a naturally amphitheatrical site at the head of the Thermaic Gulf. It is a harbour city, in whose life the sea plays an important part. The old town was surrounded by a strong wall which ran east, from the harbour, for about two kilometres until it reached the White Tower (the city's best known symbol-15th century). The walls are among the finest surviving examples of city fortification and can be compared only with those of Constantinople itself. North of the historic is found the exhibition grounds where the city's popular annual International Trade Fair is held. The White Tower itself, was built in the 15th century and has become the city's most prominent landmark. The Byzantine walls in the Upper Town, Thessaloniki

The White Tower The city's principal streets are Mitropoleos, Tsimiski and Ermou which run parallel to Nikis on the waterfront. Along Egnatia street, which is the city's main throughfare, you'll find most of Thessaloniki's Roman ruins as well as most of the action. Also nearby, you'll find the lively central food market bustling with vendors and hawkers selling an endless array of fresh fish and meat, to exotic fruit and locally grown vegetables.

Thessaloniki is also the place where you can see the treasures of the unlooted tomb of Phillip II of Macedon now on display at the city's Archaeological Museum. Of course, there's lot's more to see in Thessaloniki, so whatever you do, if you're in the travelling mood, don't miss the opportunity to see this surprising city nestled in the serene Prespa Lakes region of Macedonia.

Eating Out: Ta Nisia Taverna, on Koromila 13, is a lovely taverna with white stucco walls, lush with plants and of course, great food. Ouzeri Aristotelous, located centrally near the waterfront platia offers first class mezedes in a relaxing atmosphere.

Nightlife: Check out the Show Avantaz for lively bouzouki and Greek folk music located at Agiou Dimitriou 156 near the Turkish consulate. Club Prive is another popular place with locals located on Pavlou Mela 40.


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