Iannis & Daphni Troumbouni | Thermi, GR 81100, Lesvos
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Votsala Hotel, Lesvos activities Votsala Hotel, Lesvos activities Votsala Hotel, Lesvos activities
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Votsala Activities

A weekly program and weather forecast is hanging at the Votsala reception. Join one of the several walks organised by Iannis or a cooking class with Daphne. You will taste the nature and history of Lesvos in a very personal way and you will discover places that you wouldn’t find in any Lesvos guide book! The little money you pay for those activities help all the Votsala staff to realize a trip at the end of the season. We also need a holiday at the end of the season!

Round Trips

Hire a car for three days and you can declare “ I’ve done Lesvos “ when you return home. This is OK for your first visit to this island. During your second visit to Lesvos you will do a little more, the third time you will appreciate more details. On your fourth visit you will look out for the wild orchids, the birds and the caves and you will want to go back to some of the places you have already visited…and so on…

Walking Around

We are located in the greenest part of the island covered by olive and pine trees. Therefore walking is possible also in July/August. Between the olive groves there are so many small roads and old paths originally used only by the farmers.

Cooking Classes

Every Sunday: Votsala guests can join a cooking class with Daphne and Nina. At 4:00 PM we start cooking, we arrange the tables, we put the dishes in the oven and we… jump into the sea! Usually we manage to serve dinner at 8:00.