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Lesvos (or Mytilini) – An amazing island

Lesvos has something for everyone. It’s a large diversified island.

Lesvos Island has been truly gifted with truly amazing beaches some of which are very small and secluded to the extent that they have to be rediscovered again and again. It has also been granted an amazing variety of geological wonders to marvel at: the Petrified Forest, the hot springs situated around the island and the flora and fauna fossils found recently.

For those who enjoy nature, Lesvos has many protected wildlife reserves and ecosystems conveniently found around the island.
Lesvos is an important pit stop for migratory birds travelling from Africa on their way to Europe, including Flamingos. Lesvos is also home to a number of plants and flowers of incredible beauty.
Its waters are crystal clear and the beach is awarded the blue flag of Europe every year.

Welcome to the island of Lesvos with its ancient history, natural beauty, healthy food and traditional Greek hospitality.

Lesvos also has a variety of castles and ancient sites, museums, Monasteries and Churches to be visited.

Being nearly independent in its local production of fruit and vegetables there are many local dishes to be tasted and many world renowned products to sample and take with you such as ouzo, extra virgin olive oil, Ladotiri (a local cheese matured in olive oil!), salted sardines and more!

The most important thing about Lesvos however, is that you can still feel the true Greece and experience true Greek hospitality.

In short, geography, geology, archaeology, gastronomy, wildlife, religion, art and culture, peace and quiet, clean beaches and waters, nice weather, whatever it is you are looking for… you’ll find it on Lesvos.