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Mytilinii Village
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Mytilinii, Samos Island

Mytilinii is a small town of the inland situated on the road leading from Chora to Mytilinioi and to the town of Samos, at the western end of a valley of breathtaking beauty; the village is found some 10 kilometers southwester to the town of Samos and is surrounded by low hills which hide it from the side of the sea. Mytilinioi is one of the most populated villages of the island and counts some 2500 permanent residents occupied in agriculture and in tourism. The village has been named after its first settlers who came from the island of Mytilini (Lesbos). In the times of flourishing of the tobacco cultivation, this village was the one with the highest production of tobacco on the island; its production reached the 1300 tons.

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The famous Museum of Natural History of the village attracts many visitors, but accommodation facilities are only few in the settlement. However, you will certainly enjoy the traditional local dishes in the taverns and restaurants available in the village.

The village has a very interesting paleontological museum with a rich collection of relics of rare animals found in the area around. The finds have been brought to light from excavations carried out as early as in late 19 th century; several finds are also displayed in museums and private collections abroad. Remains of cyclopean walls as well as other finds from prehistory and early antiquity have also been found in the area, which indicates that the place was inhabited from early prehistoric times. Within the village the visitor can visit several churches, with Panaghia (dedicated to Virgin Mary), Aghia Matrona, Aghios Demetrios, Aghios Antonios (St. Anthony), the church of Evangelismos (dedicated to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary) and the Glebe of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem to be the most important of them. At a distance of some five kilometers southeastern to the village you may visit the Monastery of Aghia Triada (the Holy Trinity) constructed in 1824 and renovated several times ever since, with new buildings added during the renovations.

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In the region of Mytilinioi there are some settlements with only few permanent residents: Kamara, the Monastery of Aghia Triada, Rizovrahos and Potami Mesokambou; all of them count some 80 permanent residents in total.

If you are around in summer don’t miss to attend the local religious feasts (“panighyri”) taking place at the Monastery of Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity), celebrated in late May or June, and on the 15th of August in honor of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.

In case of health problems a local Medical Center and a pharmacy are available in the village.

Access to Mytilinioi is easy by public buses departing from the town of Samos, by taxi and by private means (car and motorbikes).
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