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Why Samos ?

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...because it is a big island, with good connection with the rest of Greece, with a good network of transportation in the interior, excellent beaches with very clean sea and a fascinating natural environment.

...because the luxuriant green and the cool water spurting and flowing everywhere make the summer cooler and the winter milder.

...because the Eupalinos’ Tunnel is a glorious achievement of man, even for our modern technological epoch, and it symbolizes the attempts to rule nature, without however exceeding the limits, as we do today.

...because Heraeon is an impressive archaeological site, showing very well the glory and the prosperity of the island in antiquity.

...because hard working in everyday life and heroism in all the hard periods of modern history are the main features of the character of the Samian people who were gathered here from various places of Greece and made this island prosperous again.

...because it is the homeland of the great philosopher Pythagoras, of the astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus, who introduced the heliocentric theory; it is also the place where Aesop, whose tales are alive for more than 25 centuries, spent his life and obtained freedom.

...because “Samaina” the ship who gave pride of the Samians and terror to their enemies, was for a century the best ship in the Aegean and the Mediterranean and had been constructed from the wood of the local pine.

...because the visitor may see old industries which show how high the level of industrial development of the island was in the past, give an idea for the urban development and remind the old periods of glory, richness and prosperity.

...because its wines are famous worldwide and are exported even in Rome to serve for the Communion of the Catholic Church, an old privilege still preserved today.

...because its cooking is an interesting blend of tastes from Asia Minor, from Continental Greece and from the islands, which makes it unique in taste, variety and quality.

... because only here you may find an authentic old shipyard, one of the last representatives of an ancient craft which started here and today is in process of extinct.

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