Athina Hotel - Krestena Olympias
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Krestena Olympias - 270 55 Olympia
Tel.: +30 26250 23150
Fax: +30 26250 22965
In the area of Krestena, in West Peloponnese,
in an area fully planted with olives and pines
we can find hotel Athina! This ideally situated
B class hotel has a 50 room capacity.
It combines comfort and service as well as the warmness of a family hotel.

While staying in the hotel visitors can have the opportunity to walk through the same paths the ancient Historian Xenophon used to walk, while he was living in the area.

Visitors can also admire by car, bike or even on foot through the paths, the surrounding area of Olympia, Epicurean Apollo, and Neda falls. The rivers nearby of Alfeios, Selinoudas and Loucios with its gorge are ideally for fishing and rafting.

The beautiful forest of Strofylia and beach of Samikos as well as mountain Kaiafas with its hot springs are offered for visits. Last but not least for the worshippers of religion several monasteries and abbeys situated in the area are offered for visits.
The Hotel
Hotel Athina is situated in a privately owned 10 acre land planted with olives.
It consists of 50 rooms and it’s open all year round. Breakfast room, restaurant, bar, pool with pool bar and parking are on the hotel’s facilities. All of the hotel rooms have an amazing view, bath, air condition, satellite TV and free Internet access (WiFi).

Room view from Athina Hotel
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Restaurant view from Athina Hotel
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  • Ancient Olympia, 10 minutes
  • Temple of Epicurean Apollo, 40 minutes
  • Beaches, 5 minutes
  • Katakolo Port, 25 minutes
  • Andravida Airport, 40 minutes
The Area

City of Krestaina is built circularly in fully planted elevations of Olympia’s province. It abstains 16 km from Pyrgos village and is surrounded by mansions such as Papalexi Villa on the East side of the city. The mansion was built by Tsiller in 1891 as a house for Nikos Papalexis.

Bar view from Athina Hotel
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A ramification on the central road of Krestaina leads to Ancient Olympia where thousands of visitors come to admire while staying in the nearby hotels. Starting from beach of Samikos in Krestaina we suggest you a visit in Samia’s Acropolis. On the southwest of Krestaina is situated the small town of Andritsaina with dense vegetation. Leaving Andritsaina from the south we are leading to Vasses where we can find the impressive Dorian temple of Epicurean Apollo, a creation of famous architect Ictinus (421 b.c), restored from the beginning of our century. Near the temple of Apollo in the area of Koumpia with splendid view we can admire ruins of other ancient temples probably dedicated to god Artemis & Aphrodite.

Following the central road southeast, after passing the village Samiko you will result next to Kaiafa Lake. There you can find the hot springs which is built over the small island of Saint Catherine’s Lake. The small island is connected with a technical bridge to the land. These hot springs were well known from the ancient years. An old tradition, so as to explain the bad smell of the waters, recounts that after Hercules thrown his poisoned, from Lernaias Hydras’ blood, arrows to the Centaurs they came to these springs to heal them.
A more recently story connects the name of the area with Jesus’ judge. Based on that story Kaiafas was castaway, wounded and sick when he reaches shore and tried to reach the hot springs, which denied on healing him by turning him away with their awful smell. The waters spring from two sources: the spring of Anigrides Nymphs and the spring of Geranian Andro. They help on dermal treatments, leaver and bile diseases, and movement and gynecological problems.

The central road continues south from the coast in an area of abundant vegetation and endless sandy beaches. The calm and green valley of Olympia surrounded by mountains, leads through olive trees walking through the big stadium to the temples of Olympus Zeus and Hera. The natural beauties of the area, the variety of the scenery, the wild nature, and the most important archaeological places are making a rare combination in this unique ecosystem.

Krestena Olympias - 270 55 Olympia
Tel.: +30 26250 23150 | Fax: +30 26250 22965

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