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I f you need to stay in Patras, the main concentration of low-budget hotels is on Ayiou Andhreou, a block back from Othonos Heh Amalias. The main low-budget alternative is the youth hostel at Iroon Politehniou 68 (Tel. 061 427-278), a kilometer plus walk from the ferry terminal.

As far as eating out is concerned, try the Trikogial on Amalias 48, or Ouzo de Rapeythrio, Karlour 11, a cosy authentic bar selling cheap seafood snacks. For travelling around, innumerable agents along the harbor road, Othonos Keh Amalias, sell different ferry tickets to Italy. En route to Italy, it is possible to make stopovers on Kefalonia, Paxi and most commonly, Igoumenitsa or Corfu. Individual tickets to any of these islands are also available. Patras

T he EOT (Greek Tourism Organization) office, by the customs house at the harbor, can be helpful for information. For money exchange, there is a Thomas Cook in the bus depot and an American Express on Amalias Street. The main bus station, midway along the waterside, has services to Athens, Killini, Pirgos and other towns in the Peloponnese, as well as to Ioannina. Heading to Delphi, take local bus #6 (from Kandaraki, five blocks back from the waterside) to the Rio- Andirio ferry, cross over and take another local bus to Nafpaktos and then a regular bus from there. Finally you can reach Corinth in two hours by bus or half an hour longer on the frequent trains.

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