All the beaches around the Island are interesting and unique!
It worth to have a taste!
The town Chora also has a unique and beautiful style!
Every time that you decide to walk around the small and narrow roads , you discover and admire new things!
There is the famous "Little Venice", there are the "Wind mills".
There is the beautiful and tradition town bay the "Gyalos".
It should be very interesting also to make a daily boat trip to the ancient holy Island of Delos.
I ensure that there are a lot of different things somebody to do at Mykonos Island !
Special Offers

Special offers

1) SPECIAL MAY OFFER FREE CAR FOR 2 DAYS. For reservations check-in up to 31/05/14.For ALL room Types, Valid until 30/04/14.Minimum stay 5 nights.Free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival. 30% bank deposit after the reservation confirmation, Contact for details. 2) FALL 2014 OFFER. Discount 15%. Valid from 01/09/14 until 21/09/14. for reservations confirmed for the period 22/09/14 until 12/10/14. Free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival. Minimum stay 4 Nights. For all room types Deposit 30%. Please contact for payment details. 3 SPECIAL OFFER FOR A DAILY TRIP TO DELOS ISLAND. Valid for reservations minimum stay 5 nights, for all room types. Valid for reservations confirmed until 30/06/14. 4) HONEYMOONERS OFFER. Complimentary offer for honeymooners a bottle of wine fruits and local sweets.

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Open: May to October
Total number of rooms: 5
Total number of beds: 14
Price range: From €70.00 to €320.00
Agios Sostis

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Telephone: +30-6937057813
Fax: +30-22890-28884 and Tel.
Out of season telephone: +30-210 8995168
Out of season fax: +30-210 8995238