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Folegandros is the most southern island of the western Cyclades. It is a typical Cycladic island situated between Sikinos and the island of Melos. The island gets very narrow at the middle, where its width hardly reaches 1000 meters. Two bays at both sides, the bay of Vathy and the bay of Plaka, entering deeply in the land, divide the island in two equal parts.
The island has a nice climate. Humidity is quite moderate, thanks to the dry northern winds, while heat never gets unsupportable, thanks to the sea.
And in summer, the “meltemia” (the northern summer winds) make the atmosphere and the environment cool enough.

Data Sheet

Crown rating: C' Class
Open: All year round
Total number of rooms: 11
Total number of beds: 24
840 11

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Telephone: +30- 22860-41425
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