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Νaxos Island

The island of Naxos is really beautiful and has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. From an architectural, archeological and natural point of view, Naxos will keep your interest alive, everyday of your stay. Naxos is full of traditional villages and beautiful beaches that have kept their authenticity and are unspoiled by the growth of tourism. The landscape of the island has so many alterations: from barren areas to marble mountains which lead in deep shadowed glens, from sandy beaches which meet the see to green areas with vegetation which host all white villages.

The ground of island is blessed and provides self-sufficiency to the locals and a reason for you to try our local specialties.

We strongly believe that our island combines the Greek island spirit, breathtaking beaches, beautiful sunsets, delicious food and spots with “character” for you to go out to and constitutes a lovely choice for your holidays. We will be at your disposal so as to make sure that you explore all of Naxos beauties.

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Agios Georgios - Naxos Town
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