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Crown rating: C' Class
Open: All year round
Total number of rooms: 11
Total number of beds: 22
Kalyvia Pezoulas
Email /deleteme/megdovas/deleteme/_at_greekhotel_dot_/delete-me/com
Telephone +30 24410 92377
Fax +30 24410 92342
Airport icon To the airport: 237 kms
City icon To the city: 32 kms
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The "Megdovas Hotel" in Lake Plastira, Kalyvia Pezoulas, is a charming hotel, that operates throughout the year. Our hotel was built by the "Zarnavalos Family", using stones and wood from the local area to maintain the traditions and charms of the region. Karditsa and Lake Plastira are both very traditional in appearance, and our hotel was developed in order to compliment the charm and beauty of the region.

Our hotel has been operating since 2004, during which time we have had the pleasure of welcoming and providing accommodation for our guests from all over the world.

We have a wonderful selection of 16 comfortable rooms available at our hotel.

Each room has been carefully furnished and decorated, providing a very traditional setting.

Each room has a fireplace, TV, autonomy heating, mini bar, private bathroom and telephone. We are confident that you will find our rooms more than suitable for your stay here with us.

Our hotel is perfectly located, proving uninterrupted views out towards the magnificent lake right next to us. From here, one can easily head to the lake for a stroll, of venture out and explore some of the beautiful surrounding regions of Lake Plastira and Karditsa.

For the convenience of our guests, we also have a charming breakfast room, beautifully furnished, proving the ideal way to start your day with a coffee or breakfast. The same area also operates as a living room – bar where guests can enjoy a selection of drinks and beverages. There is also a large TV and it is ideal for relaxing after a days worth of activities.

We provide a parking facility for our guests who are travelling by car, and can also accommodate any guests who may be suffering from disability.

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us. A member of our staff will always be on hand to help with any questions or enquiries that you may have. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you here in person in the very near future.

Services Amenities   Price notes  
Hotel Facilities:
- Restaurant
- Bar
- TV room
- Telephone
- Room Service
- Fireplace
- Lounge
- Parking

Room Facilities:
- Fireplace
- ΤV
- Autonomous heating
- Mini bar
- Private wc
- Telephone with ISDN lines in each room
• Air conditioning • Parking • Safe deposit box • TV lounge
Price notes
At weekends:
2 beds with fireplace: 80€
2 beds without fireplace: 70€
3 beds with fireplace: 95€
3 beds without fireplace: 85€

Monday - Friday
2 beds with fireplace: 55€
2 beds without fireplace: 50€
3 beds with fireplace: 85€
3 beds without fireplace: 80€

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Limni Plastira Information:

Lake Plastira is actually a man-made project, and not a natural lake. It was created in order to support the dam that supplies water to the whole region of Thessaly.

The project was the vision of the politician Nikolaos Plastiras, from where the lake takes its name.

The greater areas of Lake Plastira are one of immense natural beauty where visitors will find all of the beautiful elements, perfecting forming together to create a scenery filled with lovely colours.

Limni Plastira is 340 km far from from Athens and 230km from Thessaloniki. Driving through the city of Karditsa you will follow the signs, pass the city Hospital and 25km after you will meet the first villages of the lake. The unique spectacle will reward every visitor.

The length of the lake is 14km, maximum width 4km, maximum depth 60m. Limni (lake) Plastira is the embellishment of the Karditsa prefecture. It is found in the Plastira Municipality and is 25km West of the Karditsa prefecture in altitude 1000m.

It was created by the waters of the Megdova river, tributary of Acheloos, and took its name from Nikolao Plastira, a big patriot and visionary of that period. General Nikolaos Plastiras inspired this ambitious project in 1925.

Limni Plastira Article:
Standing at the edge of the river, where lies today the sluice of Megdova River (or Tavropos), he envisioned this area as a huge artificial lake.

In 1959, six years after his death, his vision of a beautiful lake came to life, providing with water the thirsty villages of Karditsa and offering electricity of some hundred million kilowatt-hours. Limni Plastira is one of the bigger artificial lakes in Greece.

It constitutes a source of life for the entire of Karditsa. By the lake is drawing all the city of Karditsa and many communities. The water of the lake is the life for the Larisa 's fields during summer times. The landscape is magical; the exquisite lake with the deep light blue is surrounded by high and overgrown mountains and thick woods.

The region is considered a "paradise" for the nature-worshippers and is an excellent choice for many activities. At the beautiful and peaceful setting of the lake you can enjoy mountain sports such as: hiking through fir, oak, plane and chestnut trees, riding well trained horses, cycling on a mountain bike, canoeing, boating or riding a hydro bike in the lake, take a long walk in the peaceful mountain land or cross-country driving with 4x4 jeeps.

Every season is beautiful at the Lake. Autumn is a colourful picture, winter is the white picture, spring and summer everything is green. Include Lake Plastira in your tour and give a different touch to your tour.





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