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Crown rating: A' Class
Open: All year round
Total number of rooms: 7
Total number of beds: 15
Ano Pedina
Ano Pedina, Ioannina
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Zagori, Vikos Gorge, Voidomatis.....a unique place protected from the outside world by high mountains.
Marvelous traditional stone built settlements, in harmony with nature, bridges, fountains, wells, monasteries, virgin beech and oak forests, rare plants and herbs.....
And Primoula, the endemic flower of Zagori, which blooms in the winter
in the snow.....

Here in Central Zagori, at the traditional village "Ano Pedina", Primoula quest-house has recently opened at a restored 1870's mansion aiming at a high quality accommodation

Primoula is in the center of the village "Ano Pedina" which is 35 Km far from Ioannina and almost 7 Km far from Vikos Gorge.

Primoula has a total of 7 rooms (5 with double bed and 2 with 3 beds) of which 4 are on the main building and 3 are independent with access to the yard. Primoula can host the maximum of 16 persons.

The stone yards, which have been formed in many levels, full of primoules, petounia and pansedes, offer a special view in the whole settlement, but also coffee, drink or sweet in an atmosphere with soft music and candles.

Services Amenities   Recreation  
Hotel facilities:
- Air condition
- Bar
- Parking
- Pets allowed
- Access for the disabled
- Game room
- Accept credit cards

Room facilities:
Primoula has a total of 7 rooms (5 with double bed and 2 with 3 beds) of which 4 are on the main building and 3 are independent with access to the yard. Primoula can host the maximum of 16 persons.

All rooms are comfortable, atmospheric and each one has its own special style and decoration. They have old traditional furniture and are provided with:
- Fireplace
- TV
- Digital phone provider
- Room service (07.30 - 24.00)
- Independent heating
- Special bath etc

The old stonework, which has been revealed and preserved, along with the wooden floors, the colorful ceilings as well as the carefully set antique furniture and lights give the warmth of a bygone age.
• Air conditioning • Game room • Internet services • Lounges/bars • Parking • Pets allowed • Ramp access • Room service
Zagori is an ideal place for sports of adventure and action. Rafting and Kayak in river Aoos, Voidomatis, Kalamas and Arahthos, Ski in Vasilitsa, Parapente in Asprageloi and Konitsa, Mountain Bike, Trecking, Shooting, and many other activities are offered in a beautiful and intact natural environment.

1. Distances from Ano Pedina
Ioannina ... 36Km
Konitsa ... 38Km
Metsovo ... 90Km
Papigo (the last village in the West) ... 23 Km
Tsepelovo (Eastern) ... 25 Km
Monodendri - Vikos gorge ... 7 Km

The village is an old, traditional settlement (since 1361) with many remarkable buildings of the 18th and 19th century. It is situated on a relatively short distance (35 Km) from Ioannina, almost on the new country road which connects West with Central Zagori, and ensures easy access to western places (Papigo 22 km, Aristi 12 km), as well as in the most remote villages in the east (Tsepelovo 25 km, Negades 15 km).

It is one of the beautiful traditional villages of Zagori, with important sights in the village, (Labriadios School, Monastery of Evagelistria (1793), Monastery of Ag. Paraskevi (1750), Temple of Ag. Dimitrios (1793) etc), as well as in the wider area (Monodendri - Vikogs gorge 6 km, Kipoi Bridges 9 km).

In Ano Pedina it's worth to visit:
The monastery of fortress architecture of Evagelistria, in the entrance of the village, which was built at 1786, with wonderful wall painting and important heirloom (pictures, holly books etc). Watch the service in the catholic of the monastery which is open to the public even until today. The monastery celebrates at the 25th of March, with celebrations taking place in the square of the village.

Walk for about 30 minutes, until the monastery of Saint Paraskevi, 1 km away from the village, which offers great view to the mount Mitsikeli. The monastery, which is on the path to Monodendri, was built at 1750 and has its wall paintings, fencing and old basin preserved. In the 26th of July, a celebration takes place.

Moreover, you are encouraged to visit, in the village, Saint Dimitrios (1793), with a nice carven iconostasis of the 19 century, in the square of the village, Saint Georgios and the assumption of the Virgin.

You can also visit the wonderful stone-built old grade school with the rare writings of the library of Neofitos Doukas.

In a distance of about 500m from the one edge of the village, Southeast, in the gorge, lies "Kaliotripa" a bottomless well, where the legend has it that kids used to throw stones waiting vainly to listen to their sound while reaching the bottom. It is a chasm, but not the only one, in the area which was created due to the erosion of limestone from the water. The path to "Kaliotripa" is not evident but you can ask Mr. Kostas Xanthos that runs a restaurant at the entrance of the village. He may find a way to guide you until there.












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