Skopelos which always had a leading role in the Sporades complex was given the name “ Green and Blue Island” by the International Organization of Biopolitics. It is a natural paradise where the green pine trees and forests blend in with the deep blue sea and the light blue sky.

The quaint narrow streets, the crystal clear blue water and the view of the vast forest area have made Skopelos an ideal choice not only for those who desire peace and serenity but something that would fulfill and revitalize them. The island belongs to the province of Magnesia and forms the municipality of Skopelos. The town of Skopelos has 4.000 inhabitants.There are also three more villages on the island:

Glossa(1.200 inhabitants) with Loutraki (the second harbor of the island, port of Glossa)
Klima (50 inhabitants)
Elios (300 inhabitants)
Special Offers

Special offers

Free transport from the port to the apartments. The extra beds & baby cots are free.

Data Sheet

Open: April to September
Total number of rooms: 20
Total number of beds: 50

Email: /deleteme/artemis_dot_/remove-this-word/skopelos/remove-this-word/_at_yahoo_dot_/remove-this-word/gr
Telephone: +30.24240 22702, +30.6945441961
Fax: +30.24240 23092
Out of season telephone: +30.2109419201