Mesaio Karlovasi, Samos Island, North-East Aegean, 83 200,

 To the beach:: 250 m

 To the airport:: 35 km

 To the port:: 1,5 km

 To the city:: 1,5 km

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Samos is well known for the beauty of its nature, as it’s one of the few Greek islands covered with pine, oak and fir woods. Picturesque settlings lay among olive groves and vineyards. The sea -breeze, the taste of wine and the color of the tile roofs, form the beautiful, relaxing sensation of this island. "Astir Hotel offers you a pleasant welcome to Samos..."

This family run hotel provides every year (from April to October) a warm, home sensation and a quiet base to the visitors who want to explore the beauty of the island.

Its relaxing atmosphere will appeal to travelers requesting modern facilities in an old fashioned way.

Data Sheet

Star rating: *
Open: April to October
Total number of rooms: 27
Total number of beds: 53
Mesaio Karlovasi
Samos Island
North-East Aegean
83 200

Email: /deleteme/hastirkosmidis/delete-me/_at_yahoo_dot_/nospam/com
Telephone: +30-22730-33150
Fax: +30-22730-34074