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Greece is the oldest nautical power in the world,right from the start of human history up to now.The history of Greece is undivided related with its blue sea. From the dawn of human presence the Hellene has undercovered the secrets of the liquid element.Sailing and free diving developed to an extend never reached on another part of the planet.For thousands of years all types of vessels crossed the seas transporting valuable goods of war machines and souldiers.Hundrent of nautical battles took place in the course of centuries,some of which considered, up to our time, as the most glorius pages of nautical war techniques worldwide. The Greek seabed is covered with the carcasses of ships of all types relating the human history,silent witnesses in the silence the deep of enemy action or of the wrath of Posseidon.

Allthough Greece in the destination of more than eleven millions visitors each year,diving enjoyment in Greece is unknown to the majority because is was prohibited,up to recently, for archeological reasons.Now however the magic of the Greek depth in the underwater paradise for thousands of divers.Its virginity, its pure blue waters, and the particularly beautiful scenery of the Greek depth,are elements rarely found assembled in other places.Greece, with its 3000 islands and islets, offers unforgetable emotions to the visiting divers, whether they decide for the natural beauty of the depth or whether they wish to explore known (and even unknown) shipwrecks.

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