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Lalaria beach, Skiathos Island

The famous beach of Lalaria, the beach with the worldwide known big, smooth pebbles, is situated at the northeastern cost of the island. It owes its name exactly to these snow-white almost perfectly round pebbles, which the locals call “lalaria”. The pebbles are being made since millions of years, as the rough sea with the frothy waves bursts out on the white rocks of the steep and inaccessible coast, when the wind blows furiously from the North; thanks to the action of the elements of nature big pieces are detached from the rocks which successively, after a long time, turn out to these lovely round pebbles. Many of the frequent visitors of Skiathos suggest that it is thanks to the photo of this extraordinary beach the island has made up its reputation worldwide.

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The beach is inaccessible from the land and has nothing else to offer you but the absolute beauty of an intact original and very scenic natural environment. The sea is usually wavy, the beach breaths a sigh as the “lalaria” are agitated by the waves, the “Trypia Petra” (meaning “the hollow rock” in Greek), famous thanks to the numerous photos, stands there like protecting the beach, and the high impressive white rocks of the beach rise steeply, almost vertically from the ground up to the sky.

Whenever the weather allows it, when there is no northern wind, numerous visitors arrive here by the excursion boats departing from the town, to enjoy this solitary beach with the excellent crystal clear sea, under the bright sun, shining on the transparent light blue of the Mediterranean sky. It goes without saying that taking photos, especially of the “trypia petra”, through which you may see the small boats arriving to the beach, is a “must” for all visitors. Before coming here, don’t forget to take along the necessary provisions, especially water, as nothing else but beauty is offered to you at the beach.

When there is northern wind nobody comes to the beach, as there is no shelter to protect you from the fury of the sea bursting out on the steep rocky coast. Also, if the boat has already brought you here and the weather turns bad, it will immediately pick you up, to get you back, in the safe and friendly bosom of the town of Skiathos.

Access to the beach is possible by the excursion boats of the town of Skiathos. If you wish to come here by private boat or yacht, you should attempt it only if you know well the route and the sea around.
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