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The Holy Monastery of Panagia Kounistra (Aselinos)

The Holy Monastery of Panaghia Iconistria (or Kounistra, as the locals usually call it) is situated at a distance of 13,5 kilometers western to the town of Skiathos, at a deviation of the way leading to the beach of Aselinos, at a distance of some 2 kilometers far away. The place is considered as the most sacred one of the island since it is here that in circa 1650 it had been found by miracle the icon of Virgin Mary. Also, it is here that in the past lived as a monk Dionysios, an emblematic figure of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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The Catholicon of the monastery, celebrated in honor of the Presentation of Virgin Mary is a one-aisled basilica with a dome and it is dated in the 17th century. In past times the frescoes decorating the church were well visible, but now they have somehow faded out and partly damaged due to the candles that have affected them.

Access to the Monastery is possible by taxi and by rented and private car and motorbikes.
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