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Why Skiathos ?

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...because it is an island of breathtaking beauty and can satisfy any mood and taste: it has impressive and lovely beaches, scenic landscape, interesting monuments and excellent tourist facilities and transport.

...because Lalaria is one of the most impressive beaches of Greece; no sand there, only nice round pebbles worked by time and by the fury of the waves.

...because Koukounaries is an outstanding sandy beach with the umbrella pines to shade it; a beach that despite the crowds of visitors, still remains nice and beautiful.

...because if you catch one of the excursion boats making the tour of the island, you will see and enjoy places and landscapes you would not see otherwise.

...because of its long story, visible and evident all over the island: ancient monuments, old churches, castles, old mansions.

...because it is here that was born, grew up and died the eminent Greek author Alexandros Papadiamantis, a beloved person for his compatriots, and it was on this island that he was inspired most of his novels, which describe his home island that he had loved so much.

...because you will find any type of beach: cosmopolitan sandy beaches with full facilities, or secluded and remote ones without human intervention, beaches within an exotic environment, accessible only by sea.

...because access to the island is very easy by ship from almost any part of the Aegean Sea and by air from Athens by regular flights and from many European cities by charter flights.

...because the locals have kept intact their spontaneous and hospitable character, despite the invasion of tourism and the rapid tourist development.

...because here you will find both nice sea and an overgrown land and everywhere on the island you will find lovely pines, umbrella pines and a variety of other trees smaller or bigger.

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