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The Stoa (gallery) of the Athenians

The Stoa (gallery) is one of the most important votive buildings that the Athenians constructed at Delphi. Situated at a central position within the site, it is found below the temple of Apollo. The building served to store the war spoils, mainly those that the Athenians had gathered from their naval victories during the Persian wars and had dedicated to the sanctuary. The building had been constructed during the period of Pericles, as it is evidenced by an inscription incised at its base, and in the subsequent years was enriched with new offerings  gathered in the battles of Mykali, Sestos and Hellespont.

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The stoa was a long covered space built in Ionian style; the supporting wall of the polyonal terrace served as the wall of this building as well. The Ionic collonade consisted of eight monolithing flute coulumns made of Pendeli marble with their bases made of Parian marble; a long podium along the stoa served for placing the offerings. The collonade stood on a three – step base, made of local limestone and supported a wooden roof.

Today only the lower part of the monument survives, which had been restored.
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