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About Delphi, Fokida

Delphi, a sacred place that served the religious and metaphysic aspirations of ancient Greece for more than twenty centuries, is found below the imposing Parnassos Mount, covered with snows almost all year round. Delphi stand there, waiting for the millions of visitors who come here to admire what has survived in time and the finds that archaeological excavations of more than 100 years have brought to light. The impressive landscape and environment still preserves something of the same special atmosphere of mystery and devoutness that the ancient worshippers and pilgrims experienced when they came here to ask for oracles about their concerns and problems. Today, people who come here, aware of the importance of the place, fully understand why the modern Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos considered Delphi as a place “beyond time” and a unique spot on earth, where human ideals and the noblest aspirations meet their full expression and content.

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Looking down, the visitor will see the fertile land of Phokis and, far in the distance, the dark sea of Corinthiacos Bay; while gazing upwards one will admire the green firs and the high snowy peaks of Parnassos Mount. And, just in front, stand the ruins of the ancient oracle reminding the bizarre, mysterious prophecies that Pythia gave to those who asked for her advice: “you come, you come not will you die in war”; this famous oracle that stands true for either meaning, depending on where one puts the coma, before or after “not”.

At this place modern visitors can vision the meeting of the two eagles of Zeus, the king of gods, and imagine Apollo, the god of light,  killing the dragon Python and founding his sanctuary below two huge rocks, the Phaedriades.  This place should be reached with devoutness, as it still preserves its holiness and still can help people to answer their questions; and it still resounds the last bitter and oracle of Pythia to emperor Julian which marked the end of antiquity and the definite downfall of ancient gods, in favor of a new religion: “Tell to the king that the carven hall has fallen on the ground; Phoebus (Apollo) has no shelter any more, no prophesying bay, no talking spring. The water of prophesy has ran dry that had so much to say”.
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Delphi - The Settlement

The actual settlement of Delphi is situated next to the archaeological site; it counts some 2.500 permanent residents. The settlement is found some 21 kilometers eastern to Amphissa, the capital of Phokis, and some 14 kilometers western to the well known winter resort of Arahova.

Accommodation and other facilities

Numerous hotels and rooms to let within and around the settlement, close to the archaeological site are available in the area. There are also several taverns and restaurants offering a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes and European tastes; many stores for shopping of souvenirs and local products are also available. 

In case of health problems you may address to the local Health Center or to the Hospital of Amphissa.

How to reach the place

Access to the archaeological site and the settlement is possible by intercity buses (KTEL) from Athens. As the place is almost at the center of Greece, it is easy to reach it by private or rented car and motorbikes from any place: Athens, Thessaloniki or Patras. Most of the tourist agencies of the major cities of Greece organize daily or week-end excursions to Delphi; in Athens it is also possible to find luxurious cars and limos on daily rent for a more comfortable and glamorous visit to Delphi and to other archaeological sites close to the capital of Greece.
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