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Why Delphi ?

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... because it is here that has been consolidated the idea of cease-fire during the war periods, so that the athletic games and the religious feasts could take place in peace, with the participation of all Greeks, even if some cities fought each other.

... because it is the house of the Charioteer, one of the most famous and easily recognizable statues of antiquity.

... because here it had been situated a Panhellenic sanctuary, possibly the most illustrious one and certainly the most necessary for the everyday life of the ancient people; it is here that Pythia gave her oracles, ambiguous, but always powerful enough to inspire the people who asked for them.

... because it is one of the most important archaeological sites of ancient Greece, with lots of impressive finds and buildings who depict a complete image of how it developed in time.

... because it has a very interesting museum with nice and explicit collections that cover thousands of years of history.

... because the sanctuary was situated within a natural environment that remind to all visitors, renowned or unknown, that humans and human society must live in harmony with Nature and not to forget that humanity is an inextricable part of it.

... because the “omphalos”, the center of the universe was here; and, this mythological perspective of how important the Greek civilization has been, stands as a symbol even today.

... because this sanctuary, at the center of mainland Greece, has marked the long history of Greece from early antiquity up to now.

... because once here the visitor has a lot of alternatives to choose from: easy access to the mountains or to the sea, to history and modern life, to education and amusement.

... because the European Cultural Center of Delphi is a spot of education and culture of high international reputation and keeps working untiringly and always successfully.

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