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· Web page construction executed by INTERnet PRESentations and their design partners is subject to all Copyright laws. The use of those Web pages or parts of them in INTERNET addresses other than the ones used by INTERnet PRESentations is strictly prohibited.

· Each INTERNET page may include up to 5 pictures, 1 Logo and English text (about 2 A4 pages, price list included).

· During his INTERNET presentation, the customer will receive e-mail messages at one or more e-mail addresses of his choice. In case the customer has no e-mail address, INTERnet PRESentations undertakes to forward the e-mail messages received, on a daily basis, to one or more fax numbers of the Customer, which will be indicated by the Customer himself, at the cost mentioned in the official Price List. A copy of the e-mails sent to the Client is maintained by INTERnet PRESentations. Access to the copies of the Clients' e-mails is random, by people authorised by INTERnet PRESentations, aiming at ensuring the proper and effective performance of the Client's advertisement.

· The Company is not responsible for any problems which might arise due to system malfunctions or hacking, as long as those do not arise due to the Company.

· The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the content of the Webpages of its Advertised Customer. The only entity responsible for the accuracy of the content of the Webpages of its Advertised Customer is the advertised Customer, who furnishes to INTERnet PRESentations the relevant detail, which the Advertised Customer controls and approves before their publishing on the Internet.

· The downpayment amount is not refunded, with the exception of the case, in which INTERnet PRESentations is not able to implement the Customer's presentation for any reason.

· For any reconstruction of graphics or text of the existing presentation, the Customer is charged with the respective cost. INTERnet PRESentations does not charge the Customer if the changes applie on the Price List, if those changes take place only once a year..

· Links or any kind of references from pages hosted on WEBHOTEL(tm) to other pages or domains outside the WEBHOTEL(tm) Guide are not endorsed. For better navigation of INTERNET users within the WEBHOTEL(tm) guide, links are placed on each page hosted in the WEBHOTEL(tm) guide, linking to the summary of Hotels in the same location as the Hotel and to the Home Page of the Guide:

· In case the pages of a Customer are registered on more than one areas of WebHotel, a link may be added within the Customer's pages, linking from one area to the other, however this shall never negatively affect the user navigation within WebHotel. In particular, in case of presentation of webpages using frames, the link from one Site of the Customer, in one Area of WebHotel, to the another site of the customer in another area of WebHotel cannot be placed in the Frame of the Customer's Sites. The link from one Site of the Customer, in one Area of WebHotel, to the another site of the customer in another area of WebHotel should always be distinguished by WebHotel's navigation buttons, which should be visible and clear to the Internet user.

· The sum for the yearly INTERNET advertising presentation is paid one month before expiration of the yearly subscription. If not, the presentation of the Customer is deactivated.

· In case the necessary material for the construction of the Web page is not received in time, INTERnet PRESentations does not have any responsibility for non-implementation or for eventual delay of the present Agreement.

· INTERnet PRESentations has the right to ask for termination of the contract and to disrupt the yearly promotion of the contracting company whenever the former considers the said promotion to be against its interests and to professional ethics. In such a case, INTERnet PRESentations will refund to the Customer the amount of money owed for the prepaid time period, for which the Customer will not be advertised.

· INTERnet PRESentations has the right to decline every proposed Banner agreement. The prices for Banners are different for companies that are not advertised and are not hosted in our company's tourist guide, ( - - - - - INTERnet PRESentations reserves the right to host more than one Banners in the same location, by reducing their sizes.

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